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Lemon Aloe Vera Soap (Pack of 2)

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A chafing ease combination made to cleanse and protect skin from various external environmental factors such as Sun, Cold, Wind heat. The formulation will help you to attain a glowing skin prevents infections and fight against acne. Lemon,the main ingredient has Vitamin C and Citric acid which brightens your skin tone. The formulation contains essential oils such as olive oil, castor oil, almond oil which nourishes the skin type offering best results.



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  • Citrus limon, Aloe barbadensis, Ricinus communis, Olea europaea, Prunus dulcis, Soap Base made with coconut oil, natural oil permitted fragrances and approved colours.


  • The preparation has Vitamin C properties to brighten the skin tone.
  • Astringent properties help regulate skin moisture, and castor oil contains fatty acids which balance the skin natural moisture balance.
  • Heals and improve your skin.
  • Cleanses and protects from an external environment.
Apply the soap on wet areas of the body, face, rub to produce lather, and then wash off.
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